At Lift Church, we want to love people the way God does, and God loves kids! We see evidence of that love when we read about how Jesus behaved towards children when He was on the Earth; children loved Jesus – and He loved them in return! (Mark 10:13-16). At Lift Church, we welcome your kids as Jesus did – noise, mess, laughter, questions, and all!

Our Core Values:
Lift Kids desires to be…

For children, play is learning, so when you see us playing, you can be confident that we’re learning as we do. You’ll also know that we’re building relationships with adults and peers, which will help support us in our walk with Jesus.

…Creative and relevant
Jesus was creative and relevant! He didn’t just preach to the crowds, He told stories and used illustrations which were relevant to the people, and which enabled them to grab and apply what He shared. We want to do the same thing in our Kids classrooms! So when your child tells you he acted out a Bible story dressed up as a video-game character, or you hear her “rapping” out a memory verse, you’ll know we weren’t just filling in time – we were being “relevant”!

…Safe and professional
We know how much you love your children and we take very seriously your decision to entrust them to us for a little while each week. As a church, we are committed to ensuring their safety – physically, emotionally, and spiritually – while they are in our care. For that reason, we have policies and procedures in place for our Kids Team in order to ensure a safe environment. We thank you for your cooperation with those policies, and we welcome any questions you may have about our Kids environments!

Lift Kids – Our Policies and Procedures

– We will ensure that classrooms are physically safe – age-appropriate play materials, no physical hazards, etc.

– We will ensure that children are cared for by safe adults – identified by Kids Team uniforms, mandatory working with children checks, more than one adult present at all times, etc.

– We will maintain safety through our computerised check in system.

– We will ensure that children are emotionally cared for – that they have, and make, friends.

– We will ensure that kids are spiritually safe – that they have a safe place to ask questions, express doubts, and mature in their faith.

– We will also work to make Lift Kids a life-changing experience for our volunteers, as well as our kids! We want serving in Lift Kids to be a platform for you to “unpack” the gifts that God has put within you and discover His calling for your life!

Ages groups are from 2yrs of age to Year 6 at School and is on every week at Lift Church Saturday’s at 5pm and Sunday’s at 9:30am.


We place the same value on our teenagers as we do our children here at LIFT Church (1 Timothy 4:12).

Young people in grades 7 through 12 are welcomed into the adult services. Our weekend messages are relevant for both adults and teenagers and we want your young ones to feel a part of the life of the church as they continue to journey with God and as their relationship with him deepens.

It’s important that teenagers start to identify with THEIR church just like adults as they mature. There are serving opportunities for them and we will always include them in everything we are doing!

At the moment, we partner with another great local church for Friday night youth group. New Vine Lakes meets in the Valentine Public School Hall on Fridays from 7-9 pm. They study the Bible and break into small groups based on their grade in school. There’s also plenty of time for snacking and hanging out to deepen their relationships!

Contact us if you have questions or want your teenager to attend. We will help you get connected.