As parents of three kids themselves, Pastors Greg and Stacy Allen understand the pressures on many families in the local communities of Newcastle and Lake Macquarie. They know the struggles and worries faced by many modern day families like marriage, finances, health, job security and how to raise kids properly in such a demanding, fast-paced world.

They also realise that people come to know and seek God in their life in many different ways.

Pastors Greg and Stacy married in 1999; one year later, they both surrendered their lives to God at the same time. From that point on they believed that God was real and they wanted to know Him more. In 2006 they were hired on staff at a large church in Texas USA, Celebration Church (

They led the Children’s Ministry and served in almost every area of the church (men, youth, women, pastoral care). In 2009, they were asked to pioneer and lead the first satellite campus across town as Campus Pastors. Little did they know this wasGreg and Stacy all preparation for what God had in store.   In February 2011, God spoke to Pastor Greg about planting a brand new church in Australia – in Newcastle New South Wales. As Pastors Greg and Stacy stepped out in faith, they moved their family and their lives halfway around the world from Texas USA to Newcastle Australia one year later in April 2012.

John 12:32 says that “If the son of man be lifted up, He will draw all men unto Himself.”

As Pastors Greg and Stacy prayed and sought God’s will for the church in Newcastle, this scripture and the word LIFT have been significant.

They know that if they do their job to LIFT the name of Jesus then God, through his Holy Spirit, will draw people to Himself through LIFT Church.

Lift Kids

LIFT Church’s desire is to help families thrive both spiritually and relationally in a healthy Newcastle church environment. They envision a church where people who are far from God (like Greg was for 26 years) or confused about God (like Stacy was for most of her life) can find “home” among like-minded people.   LIFT Church welcomes every person, no matter what their age or background.